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10/13/2016 by Catherine B.   (5 STAR REVIEW)

Here is why you should trust my review of Sunita's Beauty Salon: I've been waxing and threading since I was 12 years old, and I'm now 30 years old. I've been waxed and threaded by so many different people in different cities that by now I know what constitutes good hair removal work :) 

I visited Sunita for the first time yesterday and so happy with my experience. First, I got full face threading. This was the only time in my *entire* life that I got my face threading without experiencing any pain or getting any cuts on my face. I couldn't believe it! She was very gentle and thorough and in the end gave me a mirror to double check if there were any hairs she had missed. 

Then I got my arms waxed. Sunita is so very clean- she does not double dip her wax! You can get waxed here knowing that nobody else's germs are in the wax. Amazing. Most places I have been to double dip their wax which is gross but something I sort of got used to. Not Sunita! She is very clean and professional while providing great customer service and making sure you aren't experiencing pain. I would come back here again and again and recommend this place to all my friends.

9/16/2016  Vanessa M. (5 STAR Review)

After getting off work I need to find a place to get my eyebrows threaded and I decided to look on Yelp. This was the first option that came up and I see it was almost with 5 stars. After reading them all I decided "alright. Let's give it a try." (I always get nervous seeing new eyebrow stylists)

I go to Sunitas and its in a small, tiny, location right behind Wells Fargo.  So you gotta drive extra slow so you don't miss the driveway. Once you pull in you'll see a small parking lot right in from of her salon but there's more spacious parking towards the back.

Without an appt I walked right in and first impression of the place was very pleasant. Nice decor very zen like. Smelt good. And was very clean. And after all that decor a nice smile and a greet from sunita. She said she would be with me in 10 minutes. 

Comes my turn and she inspected my brows and told me what was missing and all that sort just so I can't say she made a bad sport or anything 

She has a very gentle touch (you could tell how much passion this woman has!!!) and threading didn't hurt not one bit. Once she was done she had me look in the mirror to see how I liked them. Of course it was great! Then she offered lotion (cause we all know how itchy the brows can be after treatment) she used a aloe lotion which felt so good. Or maybe it was the tease face massage I was getting hahah. 

Paid for my services, and the receptionist gave me a business card and on the back it had frequent visit that can get signed. 

For sure I will be back again and again. THANK YOU YELP!! And thank you SUNITA!


This salon was recommended to me by Q Nails.
Absolutely loved my experience.  Her threading of the eyebrows were so soft.
Sunita I will be back.

Diane B. (Milpitas)


I was referred by a good friend with awesome eyebrows.  When I called to make an appt my intention was just to get my eyebrows done, but I decided to throw in a facial as well.
Upon arrival, Sunita welcomed me with a warm smile.  When we started my eyebrows, I was surprised to have her whip out some string.  I had assumed it would be a wax and I had never gotten my eyebrows threaded.  I was pleasantly surprised at how little pain it was since it always looked painful to me.  I don't have much eyebrows to begin with so I was glad to see she was able to create that arch.  Afterwards, she took me into one of the rooms for my facial.  She showed me the menu with different types of facials and suggested the "Diamond Facial" based on my skin type and needs.  Everything she uses is natural and herbal based.  Then she was off to work.  She would tell me what she was putting on my skin each time and the gentle massage was oh so relaxing.  After the second item, she stopped telling me as to not disturb me from drifting off into a much needed nap. 
All in all, very pleased!  If you're looking for a no frills, get 'er done salon, go see Sunita!


Steph N (Santa Clara)



My go to waxing lady was out for the day since  my birthday is coming up i searched yelp found sunita I love how she did my eyebrows in five minutes my first time getting threted and it was easy non painful and fast and I got a stamp card get my eyebrows done for $5 4 times and get the 5th free will definitely be back thank you!


Jessica M (Fremont)



Sunita had done my eyebrows twice and both times have been fantastic.  I used to go other places in Fremont and pay almost $20 to get them waxed. Now I much prefer having them threaded. Sunita is always friendly and does a great job. $5 for eyebrow threading is a great deal.


Teresa Reagor 


The Salon is very clean, everything is new and shiny. Sunita is very warm and friendly. You will love the service she provides.


Teodorie A R

LOVE this place! Sunita does a great job threading and never needs to tweeze! She's quick and the prices are amazing!


Nivi Gupta — 5 star.

Sunita's hands have magic .. Her facials are the best. Her customer service is top notch!


Sujata R


Loved loved loved the magical facial and special massage given by super talented Sunita Bijor of Sunita Beauty Salon. Her fingers work magic to take you from tension to relaxation in no time. And soothing Retro Indian instrumental music add a nice touch. The furniture pieces are quite unique - Artwork is amazing and perfect backdrop for photos. Overall a must have experience for one and all..come and feel new and rejuvenated!!


Suvagata Banerjee — 5 star

Absolutely rejuvenated with the facial here! It was so relaxing and de-stressing. Sunitadi ke haathon mein jaadoo hai. The specials are awesome too! Highly recommend.


Zee N


Professional , consistent, thorough..... I love this place!! Have tried her for esthetics and massages. Worth a visit..


  • M J.   Fremont, CA

I love this salon! This place is clean and tidy and Sunita is wonderful at her work. She listens patiently to what you need and delivers on your request. Did I say this place is clean?! Yeah, I was in another salon in Fremont, it was so disturbingly mucky, I vowed never to return. 
Sunita, does a wonderful job at facials and waxing.


Sama H


Very soothing and calm ambience. Love the Decor. Service is outstanding :)


Krishnan Subramanian

They made all the woman folk in our family look gorgeus for our big event on Saturday. Check them out.


Janvi P T


Great space and nice people. Went for the first time today and loved it!


Chanda G


Sunita! Thank you & Congratulations! You made me look gorgeous today for the evening wedding. Looking forward for my facial this month from you an EXPERT! Giving you 5 STARS.. for showering your inside & outside beauty on me and all your customers. EXCELLENT Salon & service!


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